Things to Know Before Booking your Jungle Zipline Tour and Ziplining

  • Chevron down How much do you have to weigh to zipline?
  • To be able to zipline with us, our weight restriction is: 50lb to 250 lbs.*

    *If 40 lbs. to 49 lbs. they will have to go tandem with a zipline guide (price for tandem is a full regular price). (we weigh everybody at the office when you check in)

  • Chevron down How old do you have to be to zipline?
  • 6 years old and up

  • Chevron down What should I wear or bring to zipline?
    • Closed toe shoes! If you wear close toe sandals, they need to have hill straps.
    • Longer shorts, leggings or pants (depend on the weather), recommended for comfort (so you’re more comfortable in our harnesses).
    • Wear sunscreen.
    • Wear bug spray (we are in the jungle, there are some mosquitos)
    • Remove any dangling jewelry and rings before arriving.
    • If you have long hair, have it in a low ponytail or braided.
    • You can bring gopro, phone or camera (at your own risk)
    • Cash to tip your amazing guides!
  • Chevron down Do we zipline in the rain?
  • Ziplining is Fun in the rain. “We go rain or shine”, the only time the weather might prevent you from ziplining is during a lightning storm or our valley flooding. If this occurs during your tour or before your tour, we will reschedule your tour for the next available day and time.

  • Chevron down What time is good to zipline?
  • Any time is great to zipline! Please be aware that you need to check in at our park 30 minutes before your tour time.

  • Chevron down What time should we leave our hotel to go ziplining?
  • Coming from the West side of Maui (Kaanapali, Lahaina area) please leave your hotel 2 hours ahead your tour time, consider 1.15 hour to 1.30 hour driving time plus 30 min prior to check in.

    Coming from the South side of Maui (Wailea, Kihei areas) please leave your hotel 2 hours ahead your tour time, consider 1.15 hour to 1.30 hour driving time plus 30 min prior to check in.

    If you are early here is great, you have time to use the restrooms, put suns cream on, explore our park and take pictures!!! (lets be earlier than later, and avoid rushing)

  • Chevron down Cancellation
  • Jungle Zipline WILL RUN Rain or Shine.

    Weight Restriction: 50 lb – 250 lb.

    Cancellations made within 48 hours prior to tour departure will be charged full tour price. “No-shows” will also be charged full tour price. Charges will be applied to the credit card provided. Jungle Zipline reserves the right to cancel/reschedule tours due to inclement weather, foreseeable hazards, or events beyond our control. In these events, we will do our best to re-book your tour immediately.

    We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. When we book your tour we also schedule our guides and support staff for the trip. If there are “no shows” we still incur in staffing expenses. With such “on-the-spot” notice, we are not able to fill your spot on the tour, and thus must charge the entire fee.

    If you cancel 48 hours or more before your scheduled tour, we will charge $20 fee per person cancelled since your reservation held a spot that we otherwise could have filled. There are no exceptions.

    Rescheduling a tour, to reschedule a tour you are allowed and welcome to do it upon availability and should request 48 hours before your scheduled tour.

    If you are late or over our weight restriction you will not get a refund.

    Your tour and guides must leave at the scheduled time. We do expect you to arrive 30 minutes prior to your reserved tour time to sign the waiver and put on gear. Mahalo!